Thursday, June 7, 2007

Throughout the years I've been called in over and over again as ad hoc family photographer. It's a role I accept, sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes with great sighs of exasperation. No matter how I may feel about filling the role, I can say it's made me a better photographer.

I've got a feeling the total number of frames I've shot of my family is awfully close to the number of shots I've done for myself. That's a whole lot of experience photographing in a fairly fast paced dynamic environment, if you push yourself to do it well you can learn from it.

This is my new little cousin imported here from Ukraine. It's a fairly typical example of what we end up with and it makes most of the family happy. Hardly a masterpiece, but a decent snapshot nonetheless.

If nothing else it give you an excellent chance to experiment with your equipment in a consequence free environment. Your family won't care much if you photos aren't technically perfect.


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Beautiful new Cousin!

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