Sunday, February 18, 2007

Concert Photography... dark pictures, neon lights, blurry pictures, looking up the performers noses, the hallmarks of concert pics. Lets step away from that for a minute and try something different.

The aim of this ongoing series is to share techniques and new looks for live music photography. On to the first photo. I introduced myself to the coordinators of the event where this image happened and they gave me free reign.. handy. Elevating yourself from the crowds perspective is a handy trick to kick up your concert pics a notch or two. For this photo I was on top of a low lying speaker. Face to face with the performers.

Lighting was dull and consisted of badly focused spots and occasionally colored strobes... hm. So I set a slow shutter speed in an attempt to capture a strobe burst or two and bounced my flash off an acoustic panel above the performers. Adding some vignetting in post production completes the look and draws attention to the brass man.

Stay tuned for more...


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