Friday, February 23, 2007

The world outside is melting and it's absolutely wonderful. It's so nice to go outside and not feel the inside of your nose freeze. Sensationalist news stories of impending flash floods to the area due to melting snow have been the order of the last week. Sigh.

This photo was part of a self imposed assignment to capture the melting and thawing that is taking place. No one else is gonna push you to make work like yourself, self assignments are excellent motivators.

This image makes use of the Orton Effect. This technique was originally done with sandwiched slide film and harkens back to era of
Pictorialism. It is an attempt to evoke a mood and feeling within an image rather than a straight representation of the subject. I occasionally switch into this mode of working when my concepts and subjects are both being difficult. Tricks in a bag.


Jessica Kramer said...

Welcome to blogland! It's a good time.

I like this pic.

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