Monday, February 19, 2007

"Hey, your flash didn't go off!" I love hearing that. Most of the time. Except when I look down at my camera's screen and see a mostly black square.

In this shot I bounced my flash off the ceiling. Par for course during interior events with ceilings under 20ft tall or so. The subjects don't end up looking like deer caught in headlights and it's relatively easy to balance the ambient light. In this situation E-TTL works well. The camera is set on manual to set the ambient exposure, here about 1/2 stop under exposed. While the flash illuminates the subject.

Depending on the surface I'm bouncing my flash off of, ambient light conditions, and the subject bounce flash doesn't always produce the best skin tones. In such situation the on/off switch on the flash works wonders. Here I switched from Manual mode to Aperature priority and shot at f/4 without flash. It's a different look that might work in some situations. In this particular situation I'm slightly partial to the flash shot, but the boys expression is better in the ambient light shot. It happens.


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