Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today I have the pleasure of returning to Canon, via Amazon, an incredibly sub-par copy of what is otherwise an incredible lens. After waking up bright and early, having a Sprite and a breakfast cookie, it's off to the post office for me.

I do have a bit of a worry about what will become of this expensive utterly defective chunk of glass, hopefully it won't simply be repackaged and sold to another unsuspecting customer. Thankfully I don't think Amazon is in the habit of doing such things. Back to the manufacturer with you I say.

It makes one question the purchasing of professional level goods when manufacturing processes can't keep up with quality control. Unfortunately, such occurrences are all to common in today's consumer driven market.

I could step out of that market and move up to what I basically consider the boutique camera arena. Leica. In hopes that such faults would be a thing of the past, but even then, there is no guarantee with any brand or system.

Unfortunately it is simply a reality one must deal with, Kudos to Amazon.com for making the whole process relatively pain free.


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